The Coffee Roastery

Ox and Crow Coffee Roasters  is located in St. Paul, Minnesota tucked away in the suburb of Lake Elmo. We strive to provide the best roasted coffee with a special emphasis on service.  We have a belief that we are here to help you rediscover your desire for a sense of community.  It’s not unusual to see Mara jump out from behind the coffee counter to give someone a hug or catch up on family news.  Ox and Crow Coffee Roasters will help you with your coffee choices.  We are professional, knowledgeable, and most of all friendly.  We believe that you should drink the coffee you like and not the coffee you should like.  We support local businesses at our roastery.  Whether you are admiring the coffee bag label that we purchased from Bayport Printing House or sipping on one of our specialty roasted, single origin coffees sourced from Café Imports, Ox and Crow is committed to working with our local business community to provide you with great products.

In addition to our local commitment, we are also committed to the farmer’s that produce coffee.  To that end, we have a special partnership with Finca Terrerito in Copan, Honduras.  They are a vetran owned company that provides direct trade, organic coffees to Ox and Crow Coffee Roasters.  Their farm is certified organic, bird friendly, and certified through Con Manos de Mujer; an organization that recognizes companies for gender equality practices.  Please make sure you follow what they are doing on the farm in Honduras by clicking the link below

Ox and Crow Coffee Roasters

Woman Owned Small Batch Coffee Roaster

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