Having a good cup of coffee is much more to me than sipping a delicious single origin coffee from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, or Guatemala.  Sure, I love the taste of a great artisan roasted coffee from a specialty roaster, but what I like more is the process of preparing a great cup of coffee and sharing it with others…somewhat of a ceremony.

A Collaboration of The Senses

After carefully weighing the coffee for just the right coffee dose for the right brew method, my senses of sight, smell, and taste are heightened and used as guide for brewing the next good cup of coffee.


The color of the coffee is important.  It signifies the level of roast and the roasted bean development. Here is where I notice the finer parts of the coffee bean.  The size and shape…the wrinkle on the outside skin of the coffee bean…the oil released as a consequence of roasting the coffee beans to a darker coffee roast profile.    


Smelling the first grind of coffee and the sweet release of aroma sets your palette for tasting the coffee later. For me, this is the favorite part of the coffee brewing ceremony.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m half asleep and my brain is just waking up.  Maybe, it’s the smell that triggers a memory of entering the room just after grinding and saying, “what is that incredible smell”.  Once ground, the coffee is moved to the brewing process, where a whole new combination of aromas is released.  My favorite brew process is the pour over method.  The elegance and theatre of this method is grounded in its simplicity.  The bloom from the first immersion of grounds in the water signifies the slow release of gas from the roasted coffee.  At this point, I draw in a deep breath trough my nose and smell the coffee as it steeps. The process continues until it becomes time to taste.


Tasting coffee is unique and different for everyone. Whenever I’m introducing our coffees to our customers, I encourage them to try something new. I still remember the first time I tasted a natural Ethiopian coffee and how I was amazed at the fruit forward nature on the palette.

Ox and Crow Coffee Roasters

So, I personally welcome you to our coffee page. Join us in the sight, smell, and taste of Ox and Crow Coffees and a ceremony of coffee brewing where we will come together and discover that every great idea started over a good cup of coffee. 

Bruce Peacock, Ox and Crow Coffee Roasters

Lake Elmo, MN