Ox & Crow – Coffee Shop and Things

Ox & Crow – Coffee Shop and Things

Well, this is my first blog post to the Ox and Crow Coffeehouse Blog. First, let me introduce our St. Paul coffeehouse to the blog-o-sphere. We are located in the small, tucked away suburb of Mahtomedi. Mara is the coffeeshop owner and Bruce roasts the coffee on his small batch, Diedrich coffee roaster. At a high level, Ox and Crow Coffeehouse is part coffeehouse and part roastery. Our local, community-oriented coffee shop specializes in fresh bakery items, egg sandwiches, sandwiches, and salads. Over time, some of our menu items have become a local hit like our tremendous cold brew coffee and chai lattes, but if you haven’t tried our homemade popovers, you have been missing out! The Ox and Crow staff is friendly and really makes this community coffee shop feel like it’s your coffee shop.

Buy Local, Eat Local, Be Local

Whenever we can, we source our goods and services from the local community. We are proud to work with local companies who source goods and services made especially for coffee shops. For example, we purchase our green coffee for the roastery from Café Imports in Minneapolis and our chai tea herbal mixture from Anahata Herbals in Duluth, MN. We appreciate all the hard work that they put into being the best at what they do.

Roasting Ox and Crow Coffee Shop Style

The Ox and Crow Coffee Roastery specializes in small batch, artisan roasted, single origin coffees from around the world. Of course, we have coffee blends too, like our espresso; a blend of Guatemala and Kenya AA coffees. We profile our roasts and modulate the profile to achieve flavor profiles that we think our customers will like. Using feedback from cupping, customer’s experiences, and staff recommendations, we are constantly striving to provide a well-balanced cup of coffee to enhance your coffee tasting experience.

When it’s summer…Cold Brew

We offer drip coffee, espresso, hot espresso drinks, cold brewed coffee, iced lattes and mochas, and we can serve any of our coffees as a pour over. We are especially proud of our cold brew. For the full immersion cold brew extraction, we use a higher quality Kenya AA coffee. We think the higher quality coffee is well represented in the complex flavor profile in our finished product. Personally, I really like it on a hot day with a splash of cream and a small hint of vanilla. It’s fun to watch the cream flow into the drink and slowly form a delicious mixture.

Community and our “Why”

All of these things matter for a coffee shop, but first and foremost, the reason why Mara and I wanted to start a coffee shop was to bring a sense of community to our neighbors. We wanted to draw people together over good food and good coffee. So many of our customers have contributed to the sense of community in our coffee shop. We are always bringing people together that want to share their good ideas. That is the “why” of our business. As a matter of fact, it comes from the heart from all of us here at Ox and Crow Coffeehouse when we say that “every great idea started over a good cup of coffee”. So, I would like to welcome you to Ox and Crow Coffeehouse.